• "Seeing Sakari was a fantastic experience and I only wish I had started sooner! I came to her for advice on gaining strength and weight as I'm fairly active but have little experience of lifting weights and wanted advice on form and general approach. Within the first few sessions I was making noticeable improvements and I cannot recommend her enough. She had a knack for knowing where my limit was each session, was full of helpful advice and has given me the skills and confidence to continue this as part of my routine from now on."
Mark Wallace - Analyst - London
  • "I initially contacted Sakari in order to bring some discipline and structure to my workouts. I had exercised over the years but usually left the gym feeling like I hadn't maximised my efforts. Sakari used her experience to identify areas I needed to work on and to push me beyond what I thought I was capable of. In a few short months I was lifting weights I never would have believed was possible, I increased my strength and muscle tone was improved. Sakari has a very easy going manner but is still able to push you to improve with every session. I cant recommend Sakari highly enough and if you are looking for results, she can certainly deliver."
Stuart Mercer - Gas Engineer - London
  • "Sakari is a great personal trainer with the right credentials, experience and equipment to get you working on focus, technique and achieving your training and health goals, but most important of all for me is the fact that she also has the right attitude. She motivated me when I really needed motivation to get into physical training and stick to it. She made me feel special about my capabilities and the fact that I no doubt had in me the physical and mental strength to improve myself wherever I chose to train, as time and perseverance is all that is needed. She is a great trainer but also a lovely person and anyone training with her is very fortunate and can only gain from her enthusiasm and the experience she has to share. I wish her all the best wherever she goes. France will certainly gain from having someone like her."
Vanessa Luciano Guimaraes - Dog Behaviourist Trainer - London
  •  "I have been training with Sakari for 4 months now to lose some weight and strengthen up in a bid to reduce the pain in my knees.  What I have achieved with Sakari's help is far more than this! Using various weight training techniques and body weight exercises, my overall strength has improved my waist size has gone from a size 36" to 32". I am now able to run up 6 flights of stairs at work several times a day. She knows her stuff, and when I couldn't manage an exercise, would provide a variation that allowed me to build up to the full exercise.  Each workout is tailored to me to achieve exactly what we discussed. I have learnt so much from Sakari as she is willing to share her knowledge and answer any questions I have. Sakari is energetic, fun and very committed and I cant recommend her enough."
Ilyas Patel - Software Developer (BBC) - London
  • "I started training with Sakari with a view to losing weight and getting healthy. My first session involved a thorough workout and at the end of it every part of me ached for days. Since then my body has gone from strength to strength. I can now lift heavy weights, work out and recover much faster. More importantly my confidence has increased, I can now play with my children rather than sitting on the side lines and I can actually run down the road without feeling on the brink of collapse. I also now have the confidence to take part in a self-defence class which is largely down to my workouts with Sakari and knowing how strong my body actually is. Sakari's work ethic is great. She focusses on your workout 100% and always seems to know just how much to push to get the best result. She is also extremely approachable and working out with her is more like working out with a friend."

Fazila Yunus - Secretary - London

  • "Sakari is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and always tailors the session to your individual needs! Sakari also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. I have never felt healthier, happier and stronger."
Madeline - Teacher - London
  • "I've enjoyed my training with Sakari, her friendly, easy going approach makes the workout fun and at the same time getting great results. I went from not squatting at all to squat 30kg in only a few sessions. I also learned a lot about techniques as she was always happy to reply my (lots of) questions :) I also became more confident with weights and with having intense workouts which is what I need as my goal is to increase muscle"
Ainoa Alvarez - Psychologist - London
  • "Working with Sakari has been fantastic. I came to her with some experience lifting weights, but she very quickly helped me to improve my form and, as a result, improve my personal bests. Through her workouts I've also improved my overall fitness and learned more about my body and what it can do. More than anything though, working with Sakari has been a lot of fun! The workouts are always varied and even on days when I haven't felt up to it, she's helped me to push through and enjoy the exercise! No matter what your goals, Sakari will definitely help you reach them and more!"

Dan Shoesmith - Document Management Technician - London

  • "Being very new to weight training and nervous how this could work for me, I booked 10 sessions. I am now not only totally hooked, but can already see and feel  the difference in my strength and ability to perform the training plan designed specifically for me. Sakari is extremely knowledgeable in her field of expertise, very professional, communicative and can be tough when she needs to be! Sakari is totally inspirational! Here's to the next 10 sessions and the next...!"
Julie Purvis - Director - Cameo Consultancy - Oxfordshire
  • "I was introduced to Sakari by my wife and having tried various forms of fitness, this is definitely the most enjoyable and productive.  Sakari quickly identified which areas needed the most work and designed a program that suited me perfectly.  After 3 months of seeing Sakari I am more flexible, much stronger and over a stone lighter (without dieting).  She is professional, very knowledgeable and has advised us on nutrition, supplements and home gym equipment.  I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone (male or female) who wants to improve their body shape, fitness and strength."
Nigel Purvis - Technical Director - Oxfordshire
  • "I am a 50 something woman with a lifelong disinclination to exercise, which I put down to traumatic experiences on the hockey field as a young girl!! However, as a mental health practitioner, I am well aware that physical activity boosts self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy, as well as reducing risk of stress, depression, dementia and Alzheimer's disease, and guarding against osteoporosis - all in all, as a responsible adult, I MUST exercise, I have tried all sorts through the years, from exercise classes, circuit training, videos and computer programs but after a flurry of activity, I sink back into my sedentary lifestyle, too 'busy' to devote time to myself. Sakari has been a life saver for me, perhaps literally.  Her unique blend of support and motivation has helped me to incorporate exercise into my hectic life. I find myself enjoying the process of developing my physical strength, my coordination and agility, and, as a pleasing side effect, am watching my shape become more streamlined. I am becoming more in touch with my physical presence and entering into healthy competition with myself to steadily build my strength and stamina.  Thank you Sakari!!"
Rachel Young - Director (Therapy Centre) - Oxfordshire
  • "Sakari amazing Personal Trainer! Fantastic at training and fantastic personality! Book with her ASAP as she's a busy lady!xx Worth every penny and more, contact her for your first step to that fabulous beach body!"
Jacqueline Maria Gould - Hair Stylist - Oxfordshire
  • "I started training with Sakari in January and I feel absolutely amazing. She has shown me so many ways to exercise using professional equipment and things I could train at home with. Sakari gives me the confidence to be able to do the things i've done in our sessions. She is such an easy person to get on with, she makes you feel comfortable and she knows how to have a laugh. Even though every time I leave a session i'm tired out, the end results are completely worth the pain. I would highly recommend Sakari to anyone, she's amazing at what she does! X"
Sophie King - Teacher - Oxfordshire
  • "Sakari has been an inspiration, she has helped me devise a new eating plan and somehow has even managed to make me think I enjoy exercise - that was no easy task. If like me the thought of going to a gym fills you with dread, and life style choices last for about a week or so, then I would highly recommend booking up fast and let Sakari help you make those essential changes for YOUR well-being. It is definitely worth making the investment..."
B Phillips - Director - GCP Ltd - Northamptonshire